Our Story


Kebana is an authentic Pakistani Tandoori & Curry Restaurant. We strive to be associated with tasteful food experience as well as pleasant service. Kebana offers a cozy atmosphere for dining and free parking for our guests.

The long tradition


The majority of Pakistani cuisine, with roots in the eastern provinces of Punjab and parts of Sindh, is commonly characterized as 'highly-seasoned' and 'spicy', overlapping with that of neighbouring India. Conversely, cuisine from the western and northern provinces of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Gilgit-Baltistan is characterized as 'mild', largely sharing its elements with Afghanistan, Iran and adjoining regions in the Middle East and Central Asia.



Although Kebana delivers all its dishes prepared from the heart, we have our specialities: the addicting Charsi Karahi, the lovely Peshawari Chapli Kebab, and the unique street delikatesse Tawa.

Our food philosophy


Pakistanis are a foodie community. In every event from anniversaries to ceremonies, public meetings, public voting, religious gathering or niyaz culture, food, and snacks hold major attraction and driving force.

Special selection


  • (4) Tempura King Prawns (Anbefales) 85,-

    Krydrede kongereker i tempurarøre, frityrstekt til sprø gyllenbrun perfeksjon og servert med sursøtsaus.

    Spicy king prawns in tempura batter, deep fried to crispy golden brown perfection and served with sweet & sour chilli sauce.
    Allergener: Skalldyr

  • (6) Samosa Chaat (Anbefales) 89,-

    Samosa servert med yoghurt, kikerter, chana masala, salat og chutney.

    Samosa served with yoghurt, chick peas, chana masala, salad and chutney.
    Allergener: Gluten

  • (20) Tawa (lamb - Anbefales) 219,-

    Pannerett med frisk paprika og tørr masalasaus.

    Pan dish with fresh bell pepper and dry masala sauce.
    Allergener: Melk

  • (26) Seekh kebab Karahi (Anbefales) 219,-

    Seekh Kebab tilberedt i masalasaus med paprika og løk.

    Seekh kebab prepared in masala sauce with peppers and onions.

  • (58) Mixed Grill (1 or 2 persons) 279,- / 549,-

    En herlig blanding av hvitløksmarinerte og tandoori marinerte kyllingbiter, seekh kebab og kongeker.

    Special mix from the grill.
    Allergener: Melk, nøtter (cashew), sennep

  • (60) Chicken Biryani (Anbefales) 189,-

    Smakfull krydret kylling stekt i basmatiris.

    Tasty spicy chicken cooked in basmati rice.
    Allergener: Melk

  • (90) Naan Kebab (Kebana Spesial 115,-

    Seekh kebab i naan-brød med salat og myntesaus.

    Seekh kebab in naan bread with salad and mint sauce.
    Allergener: Melk, gluten

  • (112) Kebana Kyllingburger med pommes frites (Anbefales) 159,-

    160gr crispy kyllingfilet med salat, tomat og dressing.

    160gr crispy chicken fillet with lattuce, tomato and dressing.
    Allergener: Melk, gluten

Kebana`s tasty offer




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